East Lothian Women’s Survey launches

East Lothian Women’s Survey launches

Making Rights Real along with Fa’side Women and Girls Group (FWGG) and the Scottish Women’s Budget Group (SWBG) today launched an important report that highlights the human rights impact of the cost of living crisis for women and girls in East Lothian.

Ahead of Scottish Ministers arriving in Haddington and a roundtable with East Lothian Councillors, members of the group took to the streets to share key findings from the report in striking images.

The research found that disabled households, single mothers and single households are most impacted by the cost of living crisis:

  • 36% of survey respondents struggle to manage food costs
  • 50% struggle to manage energy costs
  • 31% struggle with housing costs 
  • 32% struggle with transport costs
  • 44% struggle with childcare costs 
  • 55% struggle with social care costs 

Duty bearers are breaching a host of human rights for women and girls including:

  • Art 1, 23, 25 & 27 of the #UNDeclarationOfHumanRights as well as on rights enshrined in 
  • ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)
  • CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities)
  • UNCRC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child)
  • CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) 

Duty bearers such as East Lothian Council and the Scottish Government have an obligation to make improvements on rights (to ‘progressively realise rights’) and ensure that rights should not regress (get worse) over time.

The #ELWomensSurvey highlights the issues and will continue to monitor progress to hold duty bearers to account.