Travellers’ Rights: Our Rights Matters

Travellers in Perth and Kinross are experiencing significant human rights issues and today launched a groundbreaking report Our Human Rights Matter: A Human Rights Monitoring Report by residents of Double Dykes, Perth that sets out their concerns.

People at Double Dykes Traveler Site carried out research to find out residents’ experiences of living on site, what is valued about living on site and which human rights are at stake.

Residents are concerned about:

  • Children’s Rights including the right to safety, social development, and play (UNCRC Article, 3, 27 and 31)
  • Rights to Accommodation (ICESCR Article 11)
  • Rights to Participation (UDHR Article 21 and ICESCR Article 25)
  • Rights to Live Free from Discrimination (UDHR Article 1)

Anastasia Crickley, former Chair of the UN Committee on the Eradication of Racial Discrimination (CERD) who spoke at the event welcomed the report as “invaluable to other Traveller and non-Traveller communities,” adding “I look forward to sharing your wisdom and approach widely.”

Speaking at the launch of the report one resident commented, “Travellers in Scotland often have our human rights breached. We face discrimination every day.

But is up to us as rights holders to hold public bodies to account. Because it is their responsibility to deliver on the human rights duties they have. We want equality. Nothing more or less. Just the same rights as other people in Scotland.”

Residents will continue to monitor how duty bearers are responding to the issues outlined in the report.

Download a copy of the report here.