What We Do

Making Rights Real is a grassroots human rights organisation that supports communities to name and claim their rights.

We believe that people must be at the heart of making change happen, of achieving human rights for all.

We work alongside communities experiencing human rights issues, especially working with communities who have been marginalised by laws, policies, practices or public authorities.

We organise people who have been silenced to work together and build alliances on common issues to campaign for change.

We support communities use the power of human rights as a practical tool to make economic and social change happen.

We support communities to develop their own methods to tackle injustice.

Our first areas of work

We carried out a listening programme in our first two years, hearing from over 40 community groups and more than 400 people about their human rights concerns.

This research, along with a fact-finding project with the Chief Statistician Office for Scotland highlighted that women in Scotland disproportionately experience human rights issues.  And that women experience inequality and discrimination differently depending on the cumulative effects of oppression around race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

During our listening project, we met with Gypsy / Traveller groups who highlighted longstanding experiences of significant human rights abuses over many years.

Our first areas of work, therefore are working with women's groups and Gypsy Travellers – please get in touch if you would like to find out more – info@makingrightsreal.org.uk