Travellers’ Rights

Travellers* in Scotland face significant longstanding human rights issues. Over many generations, communities have experienced deeply entrenched racism and discrimination, poor access to services and human rights violations.

We are working alongside Mangin’ Manishes (a voluntary organisation run by and for Travellers), residents of Double Dykes in Perth, Bobbin Mill in Pitlochry and Tarvit Mill in Cupar to support action to address current human rights breaches.

*We have used the term Travellers in this report and on these webpages as this is how most residents in Double Dykes want to be referred.

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Front cover of a report showing scottish gypsy traveller flag and "our human rights matter"

Travellers’ Rights: Our Rights Matters

By Site Admin | September 25, 2023

Travellers in Perth and Kinross are experiencing significant human rights issues and today launched a groundbreaking report Our Human Rights Matter: A Human Rights Monitoring Report by residents of Double Dykes, Perth that sets out their concerns. People at Double…