New funding partners for Making Rights Real 

We are delighted to announce new funding partnerships with the Women’s Fund for Scotland, National Lottery Community Fund and the Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland. 

Gender-based budgeting support 

The Women’s Fund for Scotland and National Lottery Community Fund have recently awarded Making Rights Real funding for a part time role to support Fa’side Women and Girls Group (FWGG) in East Lothian as a pilot or one year. Speaking on behalf of FWGG, Katie McFarlane said, “This is an exciting time for us as we build our work around community based intergenerational gender-based budgeting in East Lothian.” 

Welcoming the funding on behalf of Making Rights Real, Chair Prof. Jo Ferrie, said, “We are thrilled to grow our funding base to support Fa’side Women and Girls Group in their ambitions for gender equity in budgeting. This group is playing a pivotal role in grassroots participatory action on human rights issues in Scotland, and we’re delighted that funders are  supporting their journey.” 

Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland 


We are thrilled to announce that Making Rights Real is one of three grants funded by the new Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland. 

The new fund will help realise and defend rights, and tackle issues affecting people’s daily lives. The Fund will focus on people whose rights are most at risk. It will support people to use human rights as a tool for change. 

The Fund is supported by a partnership of: AB Charitable Trust, The Baring Foundation, The Binks Trust, Cattanach, Corra Foundation, The Robertson Trust and William Grant Foundation. It is hosted by Corra Foundation. 

Carolyn Sawers, Corra CEO, speaking on behalf of the funding partnership said: 

“It’s a critical time for human rights in Scotland. People are facing rights issues every day, for example around poverty, housing, education, health, racism, disability. People can hold power to account, but they often need support to do that. That’s why funding for third sector and community groups is so important. 

Here in Scotland, the Parliament has recently taken steps to strengthen rights in law, and will soon consider extending this approach to further UN treaties. By providing support to civil society, we hope the Independent Human Rights Fund for Scotland will help ensure this makes a difference in practice.” 


Prof Jo Ferrie, on behalf of Making Rights Real said, “The Independent Human Rights Fund is a game changer for Scotland. It brings unprecedented funding to strengthen work towards rights realisation and this work is needed urgently. Making Rights Real are honoured to be among the first recipients of the award and are committed to delivering transformational projects.” 

Please see for more information about the Fund.